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IMF 2014 Program

Thanks to those who attended the 2014 International Millinery Forum. For those eagerly awaiting the announcement of upcoming forum dates, please stay tuned to this website.

For reference only, to view the:

- 2014 IMF program, click here

- 2014 Workshop Schedule, click here 

- Information on the Networking Program, click here


Tutor Slideshows

Australia‚Äôs leading milliners will be not only offering workshops at the forum they will also be presenting a complimentary slideshow to all delegates on their life as a milliner. This is a great opportunity to see what makes a quality milliner and why our leading milliners are where they are today. Tutor Slideshows will be held during lunch breaks as a complimentary event for all delegates.

Wagga Wagga Wednesday 

An range of activities and tours are often planned for IMF delegates on this day. This program of events aims to satisfy both first-time and repeat visitors to Wagga, hard-working, eager milliners keen to make the most of their time in the area and, those who appreciate the 'hump-day' rest day!